I'm Charlie - an Illustration graduate from Falmouth University, where I developed a strong passion for design, typography, print, characterisation and children's illustration. 


When I am not in the studio working on my projects with the company of my cat, I am interested in travel and music, visiting as many independent cafes as possible, or immersing myself in a new film. Wherever I go, I always carry my sketchbook and trusty pencil with me so I can capture those inspirational moments.

I graduated in September 2013 and I am currently specialising in intricate oil paintings of animals. Each painting is lovingly and meticulously painted from carefully selected photos that capture your pet's individual personality.


I also work at Etchd Creative based in Lyme Regis, Dorset. I thrive in a fast paced environment, with daily print deadlines and work mainly on magazines, newspapers and advertising.


I'm available for freelance, project collaborations and job opportunities, so get in touch!