If you are interested in a portrait of you beloved pet, or would like more information please use my contact form or email 
and I will endeavour to be in touch with you within 24 hours.

If possible please provide the following information when contacting me:

• Portrait size required

• If you have a specific photo you would like drawn pleased send to me, however I have some useful tips and advice as to how to get a great photo of your pet below.  The better the photo - the more detail I can include and the better the portrait!

• If there is a date you require your portrait to be completed by please let me know. I do complete portraits in the order I receive them and will let you know if I have any concerns the date may not be met.

• It would be great to know your pets name and a little about their personality!


Current prices for bespoke unframed commissions.

I work in Oils on canvas or canvas board. If you are intending of getting your portrait framed, I would suggest to go with canvas board.

Different and larger sizes are available, just get in contact.

All portraits will be painted with a coloured background chosen by you to match your pets personality or suggested by myself.

I also offer pet portraits in pencil or
in acrylic paint. These are at different prices. If you wish for a pet portrait
in another media, please enquire more information either on my contact form or email me at

Example: This pet portrait commission is A2 in size and a close up.​


The better the reference photo, the better the finished painting- it really is that simple!

Here are some tips to help you capture the best possible representation of your pet:

• Please ensure the photos are of a good quality - I understand that some of the best photos are from phones, as they often capture a wonderful moment, however it is very difficult to draw and paint in the right colours from a dark or blurry photo! The clearer the photo, the better the portrait.

• Try to photograph your pet in natural daylight, but avoid direct sunlight as this casts shadows and washes out detail. Ideally photograph your pet outside, or facing a window.

•The eyes are really important in all portraits, so make sure they are open and looking into the camera - holding up a treat to get their attention should always work!

• The best photos to paint from are usually taken reasonably close to your pets face and chest, at their height and in good light that illuminates their features. Taking the photo at your pets level is important as it creates the best photos, lie on the floor or possibly put them on a higher level.